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We conduct the bidding process of your car for a service fee of $48 (incl. GST). Have a valid referral code? Include it under ’Remarks’ to get $10 OFF!

Terms and Conditions for Refer & Get Rewarded

  1. Referrer - Customer that used Quotz services before
    1. Referrer can earn $10 if the referee has successfully gone through the whole bidding process by entering or providing a valid Referrer's Referral Code during online appointment booking or via call-in.
    2. Referrer can refer a friend by simply sharing your Referral Code which can be found in the photo gift provided, or call +65 6744 7571 to retrieve a Referral Code.
    3. Referrer will receive $10 reward if the Referee has successfully gone through the whole bidding process i.e. payment, inspection, test drive, bidding, reply of decision etc all done.
    4. The $10 reward will be credited to the Referrer's bank account via PayNow within 3 working days upon successful auction bidding from Referee, subject to the following conditions:
      1. The Referee has paid the remaining fee after discount
      2. The Referee follows through with the whole auction process
  2. Referee - New Quotz customer
    1. Referee needs to enter a valid Referral Code when booking an appointment online or via call-in
    2. Referee who has successfully used Quotz's services using a valid Referral Code of a Referrer will receive $10 discount off the bidding fee, subject to the following condition:
      1. Only one Referral Code utilisation is allowed for each new customer.
  3. If the Referred Party terminates the service, or does not qualify for the Referral Programme, Quotz may at its discretion, forfeit or reclaim the reward and/or rebate awarded.
  4. Quotz reserves the right to recover the reward and/or rebate value in the event of contract breach.
  5. Quotz reserves the right, in our absolute discretion, to withdraw or modify Quotz's Refer & Get Rewarded Programme and/or its Terms and Conditions at any time, without prior notice and without liability.
  6. Quotz retains the right to review and investigate all referral activities. If a Referral Code or Referral Benefit is found to be used erroneously, or fraudulently, illegally, or in violation of Quotz's Refer & Get Rewarded Programme's Terms and Conditions, Quotz reserves the right, in our absolute discretion, to revoke or remove these Referral benefits.