Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be guaranteed the highest selling price?
Yes, we will give you $100 in cash, if you can sell your car to a car dealer at a price higher than ours!
Can someone else drive to Quotz on my behalf for photo taking and inspection?
Yes, however, the registered owner may need to be present after acceptance to sign the paperwork.
Can I view the bidding online?
Yes, it's a live and transparent bidding, you can monitor your own car bidding online. However, like the COE bidding, you might see the bidding get more intensive as it gets nearer to the closing time.
How long does it take to sell my car on Quotz Sell-by-Bidding?
Once the bidding closes, you will get an offer to sell on the spot. If you accept the offer, we will pay you a deposit to secure the deal.

Thereafter, we will fully pay up any outstanding loan you have. This typically takes 1 week. We will then pay you the balance amount once you handover your vehicle.

If you do not have any outstanding loan and wish to handover the car immediately, we can pay you the full sum on the spot.
Will I transact with the car dealer who offered the highest bid?
No. After we receive the offer from the winning dealer and you agree to the deal, we will pay on behalf of the dealer. To ensure excellent service and a comfortable transaction, we will be the ones interfacing with you throughout. After we pay you and takeover your vehicle, we will then hand it over to the dealer.
Who will take care of the paperwork?
We will take care of all the paperwork for you. This includes your loan full settlement and ownership transfer. You will be paid by us as well.
Can I accept the bid offer and handover when my new car arrived?
It is recommended to handover your car within one month from the bidding close date, this is to better secure the deal. Dealers may offer at a conservative price if the handover date is longer than one month due to unforeseen market fluctuation.
Can I reject the highest bid?
Yes, it's absolutely up to you whether to accept or reject the bid price. No obligations to sell.
How does Quotz uphold the Highest Price Guarantee?
Quotz is an online bidding platform by sgCarMart which provides a unique service that puts used cars up for bidding. With their network of over 500+ used car dealers, car sellers can get the highest possible selling price for their car in just ONE HOUR!
Do I Need To Pay Anything?
Quotz will conduct the bidding process of your car for a service fee of $38 (inclusive of GST). Should we not meet our highest price guarantee, you will get $100 cash straight away!
How Quickly Do I get Paid?
You'll get paid on the spot after you've accepted a bid from your auction. Quotz uses the widely adopted Fast and Secure Transfers(FAST) digital payment system that allows for transfers up to $200,000. This prevents rare cases of fraud, where the car dealer would take ownership of the vehicle but the cheque to the seller bounced.
What if the Dealer backs out after I've accepted the Bid?
Our service provides a binding offer that is made to protect the seller's interest. In every successful auction, Quotz will buy the car from the seller on behalf of the winning car dealer, and if the dealer backs out from the deal, serious actions will be taken - such as banning the Dealer from advertising on sgCarMart.
What does the Valuation represent?
The Valuation is an estimated price car dealers will take in your car for.
How do you derive the valuation?
We base our valuation on our database of dealer's selling price minus off a certain profit margin. The valuation only take into consideration the registration date of the vehicle and not other factors such as mileage, accidents, faulty parts. Thus, price might differ depending on car condition.
How will you inform me of my car value?
We will inform you of your car value by phone call, SMS and email within 1 working day.
How long does it take to send me my car value?
We will inform you of your car value by phone call, SMS and email within 1 working day.
If I want to sell at valuation price, what should i do?
Depending on the age and model of your vehicle, we will advise you to use either our sell by bidding service, or scrap & export service to sell your vehicle.
Simply contact us at 67447571 and quote us your carplate number for us to start the sale process.
Why use your service instead of scrapping or selling myself?
We help you get the best price from over 100 scrap yards and exporters. Also they are able to pay you upon vehicle handover instead of waiting a few weeks for encashment from LTA. The cumbersome paperwork with LTA will also be settled for you.
When is the latest I can handover my vehicle?
We will recommend the handover date to be one week before the COE expiry date to ensure ample time to settle all the paperwork.
How will you inform me of my car value?
We will inform you of your car value by phone call, SMS and email within 1 working day.
If I want to sell at the valuation price, what should I do?

If you are satisfied with the offer price and would like to sell your vehicle, simply contact us at 67447571 and quote us your carplate number.

We will then connect you with the buyer (exporter or scrap yard) that offered this price.

The buyer will pay you in full once you handover your vehicle. The buyer will also settle any outstanding loan you may have and perform the LTA transfer or deregistration.

How do I know if my car is due for scrap or export?

Typically, cars with COE remaining of less than 1 year will be due for scrap or export. However, this changes over time and varies across different car models.

If you are unsure, simply contact us at 67447571. Or fill up the form above and we will advise you accordingly.

Sell your Car with Quotz
You can choose to Scrap / Export your Car, of put it up for Auction to 500+ Dealers islandwide through our Sell-By-Bidding platform , which typically helps sellers like you receive up to $3000 more than their market value. Highest Price Guaranteed, with no Obligations to sell.