Sell-by-bidding faqs

Yes, we will give you $100 in cash, if you can sell your car to a car dealer at a price higher than ours!

Yes, however, the registered owner may need to be present after acceptance to sign the paperwork.

Yes, it's a live and transparent bidding, you can monitor your own car bidding online. However, like the COE bidding, you might see the bidding get more intensive as it gets nearer to the closing time.

Once the bidding closes, you will get an offer to sell on the spot. If you accept the offer, we will pay you a deposit to secure the deal.

Thereafter, we will fully pay up any outstanding loan you have. This typically takes 1 week. We will then pay you the balance amount once you handover your vehicle.

If you do not have any outstanding loan and wish to handover the car immediately, we can pay you the full sum on the spot.

No. After we receive the offer from the winning dealer and you agree to the deal, we will pay on behalf of the dealer. To ensure excellent service and a comfortable transaction, we will be the ones interfacing with you throughout. After we pay you and takeover your vehicle, we will then hand it over to the dealer.

We will take care of all the paperwork for you. This includes your loan full settlement, insurance refund and ownership transfer. You will be paid by us as well.

It is recommended to handover your car within two weeks from the bidding close date, this is to better secure the deal. Dealers may offer at a conservative price if the handover date is longer than 2 weeks due to unforeseen market fluctuation.

Yes, it's absolutely up to you whether to accept or reject the bid price. No obligations to sell.

Yes. If you accept the offer, we will pay you a deposit on the spot to secure the deal.

You have until 5pm the next day to give us your answer over the phone. The offer is considered rejected if we do not get any reply from you by then.

After you accept the offer, you will need to come down to our office to sign the sales agreement and collect the deposit by the next day.

free-valuation faqs

The valuation is an estimated price car dealers will take in your car for.

We base our valuation on our database of dealer's selling price minus off a certain profit margin. The valuation only take into consideration the registration date of the vehicle and not other factors such as mileage, accidents, faulty parts. Thus, price might differ depending on car condition.

The valuation is based only on the current market. Depends on market fluctuations, prices might change as well. If need be, do check with us again for the updated valuation.

scrap/export faqs

We help you get the best price from over 100 scrap yards and exporters. Also they are able to pay you upon vehicle handover instead of waiting a few weeks for encashment from LTA. The cumbersome paperwork with LTA will also be settled for you.

We will recommend the handover date to be one week before the COE expiry date to ensure ample time to settle all the paperwork.

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